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What’s up with the Antarctic weather?

On Feb. 6, a record high temperature of 65 degrees was recorded at a research base located at the most northern tip of Antarctica. That beats the previous record of 63.5 set in March 2015.

Then on Feb. 9, the temperature on Seymour Island in the Antarctic Peninsula reached 69.5, setting a new record. This is the warmest temperature measured on the world’s coldest continent. Continue reading

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What is snow sparkle?

Saturday was a bright, sunny day, and if you were walking by an undisturbed field of snow, the snow may have appeared to sparkle.

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What is geoengineering?

Geoengineering literally means “Earth-engineering.”

It is a term that describes how people could intervene in Earth’s functions to slow down or reverse the effects of climate change. Continue reading

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Is water everywhere?

Evidence of the presence of water in our atmosphere is ubiquitous.

Water occurs in the Earth’s atmosphere in all three of its phases — solid (snow and ice), liquid (rain and dew) and gas (invisible water vapor). Continue reading

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